Thursday, 24 December 2015

Thursday, 26 November 2015

moar SAGA

  More hearthguard for my norse gaels warband. Right one probably will be upgraded into warlord because he is very fancy (and his conversion was hardest):

Friday, 30 October 2015

Real life. A word about WHFB. Saga

As you can see I haven`t posted since january. For many resons. Till march I spent all my time converting my... apartment. I have to make it more comfortable and homelike because in the end of summer I became a father! This joyful duty consuming a lot of time and energy, but you really love your hobby you always find some time for it. That`s the second reason: I was very-very-very disappointed by the death of Warhammer Fantasy. Whole summer I don`t feel desire to modelling or playing. But now fan project 9th Age fill me with enthusiasm. Fuck GW, we`ll make our own WHFB with blackguard and witches!
But now while rules are rewriting and I can`t spell whole Saturday for gaming I`ve decided to try Saga. Fortunately there is hobby store near my work and I can play а game or two at week after work. For the beginning I bought box of plastic celts from Warlord and Sudanese tribesmen from Perry. I`ve choose them for dynamic poses and bare limbs. In result of mixing with Gripping Beast sets there will be north gaels (or probably vikings by the mood ;) ) - and if you reading my blog you know why - they are from north, they are wearing tartans and they`re ussuing challenges all the time!

Berserkers (not_gaels):

 Hearthguard. Left one is shouting insults to provoke someone to challenge ;)

And levies: