Friday, 30 October 2015

Real life. A word about WHFB. Saga

As you can see I haven`t posted since january. For many resons. Till march I spent all my time converting my... apartment. I have to make it more comfortable and homelike because in the end of summer I became a father! This joyful duty consuming a lot of time and energy, but you really love your hobby you always find some time for it. That`s the second reason: I was very-very-very disappointed by the death of Warhammer Fantasy. Whole summer I don`t feel desire to modelling or playing. But now fan project 9th Age fill me with enthusiasm. Fuck GW, we`ll make our own WHFB with blackguard and witches!
But now while rules are rewriting and I can`t spell whole Saturday for gaming I`ve decided to try Saga. Fortunately there is hobby store near my work and I can play а game or two at week after work. For the beginning I bought box of plastic celts from Warlord and Sudanese tribesmen from Perry. I`ve choose them for dynamic poses and bare limbs. In result of mixing with Gripping Beast sets there will be north gaels (or probably vikings by the mood ;) ) - and if you reading my blog you know why - they are from north, they are wearing tartans and they`re ussuing challenges all the time!

Berserkers (not_gaels):

 Hearthguard. Left one is shouting insults to provoke someone to challenge ;)

And levies: